Cytochrome printing for the coffee liquor brand "Borguetti"
Poster printed in 4-color, four-color silk-screen printing, for the beer brand "Brahma". Poster measurement, 100 centimeters, by 40 centimeters
Printing on corrugated plastic for the Municipality of La Matanza. The ink we use on corrugated plastic has excellent anchorage and resistance on this material. In this work the printing measurement is: One meter eighty by 70 centimeters
Poster made of 1.5 mm polystyrene and printed in Four Color / Photochrome (CMYK) by the serigraphic system, on both sides of the material, for the company Alba and its product "Paints for Fabrics"
Polystyrene display 1.5 mm thick and printed on both sides in 4 colors. Cresta Roja brand poster, made in our workshop.
Screen printing of the brand "Fernet Branca" and "Branca Menta" on recycled polystyrene and printed in Photochromy (CMYK Process) and made in our workshop. Measurement of the poster, one meter thirty long, by 46 centimeters wide.
Open-Closed Display made of 1.5 millimeter pure white polystyrene and screen printed in 4 full colors on both sides, from the Hepatalgina brand
Printing on high impact pai, 2 colors + UV Lacquer (this means, lacquered with ultraviolet curing inks). Poster made for the Skil tool brand
Dog Chow poster printed with ultraviolet screen printing inks in CMYK, four-color process, printed in the workshop. Poster dimensions: One meter twenty high by 60 centimeters wide.
Plastic corrugated plate 2 meters long by 1 meter wide for the Tupperware brand. Printing of the brand logo and printed design in 4 colors.

Printing of Rígid and Flexible materials

Display poster printed in four colors in the serigraphic system for the Bosch brand
Dog Chow poster printed with ultraviolet screen printing inks in CMYK, four-color process, printed in the workshop. Poster dimensions: One meter twenty high by 60 centimeters wide.
Screen printing on melamine, for the base of a desk
White printing on black melamine with the Laboratorio Roemmers logo.
Print of Melamine


Melamine coatings, mostly used in the manufacture of furniture, are a compound and mixture of resins that withstand humidity very well and that is why it is widely used in the manufacture of this type of elements. We make prints on various types of melamine and here we show you some of the work we have printed on this material:

Printing on Formica
Chess / Drafts board. MDF base, fiber-easy, with melamine.
White melamine with MDF/Fibrofácil base. Screen printed in 1 color black. Checkers/Chess Board
Roemmers brand Desk Base for muebles educativos. Black melamine chipboard. 1 color screen printing.
Chess Board/CheckerBoard. MDF base with melamine black and white respectively. Screen printing in 1 color.
Prints on
Leather and Eco Leather
Screen printing on leather. flexible inks

We make screen prints on leather. We do it with the appropriate inks for this type of base, since it must accompany the flexibility that this material has.

Printing on slate board. Made in serigraphy on pizzarra chapadur
Pizzarra printed in 4-color silkscreen. Measurement of the pizzarra poster 90 centimeters high by 50 centimeters wide.
Blackboard to write with chalk, silkscreen printed in 4 colors
Printing on chapadur covered with slate. Enlargement of silkscreen printing
slate printed in 1 color
90 x 50 cm blackboard. 4 color printing
Corrugated printed in 2 colors. Printing size: 1.80 mt. x 0.70 mt.
printed en 4 colors.
Material size: 
2 mt. x 1 mt.
impression of

High-impact polystyrene is a material made of a thermoplastic polymer that is used in many areas.

In itself, it is a waterproof material, easily printable, thermobendable, very good for thermoforming, and is dimensionally stable.

It can be manufactured in special colors if a very good quantity is ordered, adding UV filters for greater durability outdoors and the same criteria we can use for the inks during printing.

This is one of the most used materials on the market and one with which we have worked extensively.

Below are some works carried out:

Impression of
Plástic Corrugated
CMYK Process Print of Brahma beer.
CMYK process on 1.30 meters x 46 cm.Fernet Branca brand.
Display open/closed printed in 4/4 colors for Hepatalgina
print in 2 colors on polystyrene + lacquer UV for Skil brand tools.
Sign in polystyrene material, printed with UV inks for Bosch brand.
CMYK process of 1.5 mm tick plastic, for Alba brand.
Printed in 4 colors on front and back on polystyrene for
Cresta Roja brand.
1.30 meters x 40 cm. 
Coffee Liquor Borghetti
CMYK for Dog Chow and Cat Chow brand CMYK Process Uv ink.

Printing on Paperboard

Printing on MDF

Print on
Plastics Tarps
Self adhesive Pvc
impressão em cartão em vermelho
enlargement of red color printed on cardboard in serigraphy
print in blue on cardboard
profile view of thick printed cardboard
Green printing on silk-screen printed cardboard
2 st print sample on mdf
1st print sample on mdf
printing fot the Springwall Mattresses brand
Printing decals for the Movistar brand
Decal made in transparent pvc for Jose Manuel Diaz Herrera. 1 color printed decal
5 Color Printed Belts
Gold printed faux leather
white leather
1 color in mdf
2 colors in mdf
Canvas printing for the factory. Springwall matresses.
2 color printing on Formica plates. Measurements: 1.50 meters high / 1.20 meters wide

Under glass decal. For car window and adhere from the inner side. For the Movistar brand.

Decal on glass. Made with a translucent color, to Jose Manuel Diaz Herrera.

Print of



 HardBoard is a material that is made of small fibers and Eucalyptus wood pulp, which is pressed to achieve a higher density, and then baked to achieve uniformity and stability. Examples of printing jobs done on Hardboard:

 Printing on self-adhesive Flexible PVC of the 2nd color, light blue, from Productos Eléctricos SICA

The base material for the manufacture of plastic corrugated comes from the extrusion of polypropylene. The way these plates are manufactured makes them a material that is easy to transport, very light and printable in our screen printing system with a very high ink anchorage on this type of support.

Wood print 

 Below are some works printed on wood:

1 ou 2 colors decals 

• White ink printing on transparent PVC.
• Printing QR codes on transparent or white material.
• Blackout, transparent, solid or total opacity colors.
• Decals in special colors upon request.

Silkscreen printing on
Foamed pvc / Sintra

Transparent pvc

self adhesive

Transparent decal printed with white ink

White color + black color printing on transparent sticker

QR code printing on transparent self-adhesive decal

Lacquered mahogany wood, printed in 2 colors: White + Cyan.
Wood printed in 1 Red color, direct printing to the material.
Green design printed directly on the wood.
Screen printing on wood. 1 color printing. Excellent ink adhesion.
Natural lacquered wood. Wood printing in 2 colors.
Melamine ¾" thick with 1-color silkscreen printing, black.
Poster printing in Sintra of 1.30 mt. x 0.80 mt. from the Tersen brand, made in 5 colors. Excellent ink adhesion.
Foamed PVC printed in 4 four-color (CMYK Process) measuring 1.20 m. x 0.50 mt. from the Terplast of Tersuave paint brand. In this case, ultraviolet curing inks (UV cured) were used.
1-color printing of the Cargill Logo on a plastic fabric folder.
Plastic fabric folder spine printed in 2 colors with the Iesa electrical engineering logo. (40 years ago)
PVC printing.

Printing samples

on transparent PVC,

Crystal PVC. Flexible.

¾-inch thick MDF base, with textured melamine printed in a black color
enlarged image of a flexible transparent pvc
Printing on transparent flexible PVC. View from the print side.
Front view, printing on flexible transparent PVC.
Flexible transparent PVC printed in 3-color silkscreen.
white ink printing on stickers transparent
Transparent decal printed with white ink. QR code printing
Self-adhesive transparent PVC, 2-color printing with QR code printed on white ink
Printed violet color. 1 color MDF printing
almanac calendar printing, made in MDF and printed in 2 colors in silkscreen.
Print on mahogany lacquered wood. 2 color wood print
2-color printing on natural lacquered wood.
red print on wood. Direct silkscreen printing on wood.
silkscreen on wood. Printing on 1 green color.
Red color printed on wood in silkscreen. Excellent penetration and adhesion of the ink on the wood.
Print on Sintra measuring one meter thirty by 80 centimeters wide, made for the Tersen brand. Screen printed in 5 colors.
printing of foamed pvc by screen printing, printed by the CMYK Process (four-color process) measuring one meter twenty by 50 centimeters, for the Terplast Paints brand, from Tersuave. This poster was printed using UV screen printing inks. (Ultraviolet curing)
printing on plastic fabric folder with 1-color Cargill logo printing
Enlarged image of plastic fabric printing in a folder with logo printed in 1 yellow color. Cargill Balanced foods.
direct printing on the spine of a "Iesa electrical engineering" folder. enlarged image of the screen printed on green plastic fabric.
Print of HardBoard


HardBoard is a material that is made of small fibers and Eucalyptus wood pulp, which is pressed to achieve a higher density, and then baked to achieve uniformity and stability. Examples of printing jobs done on Hardboard:

White ink print

Transparent crystal PVC tarpaulin printed in 2 colors.
crystal pvc fabric printed in three colors
Printing on leather belt in five colors. In this image you can see the flexibility of the ink used.
Photographic enlargement of the print made on a leather belt.
Print on light blue leather. Gold print directly on the leather.
eco-leather (synthetic leather) printing with gold color printing.
White leatherette (eco-leather, or also called synthetic leather) printed in burgundy red,  wine-red.