Replica of the print on aluminum 0.5 mm thick
Close-up zoom of the aluminum print made in our silk-screen printing workshop
Enlargement of the image on the screen printing made on the aluminum plate
Image of the air filters of a car, before the restoration
Polished, sanded and painted air filter to restore
Car air filter, restored and screen printed
Small car air filter, already restored
Print sample on the restored piece

Samples of the restored pieces.

 Recovery and restoration. 

Equipment fronts / Console panels

Personal equipment front restoration
restored print of an amplifier panel

We restore panels and fronts of equipment that, due to the passage of time and daily use, suffered the erosion and wear of the original impression. We take care of designing and replicating/reproducing the impression of these panels.




Print from the beginning.

Special section

We restore some parts and

we design from scratch what

is about to disappear for him

pass of the time.

Original aluminum sheet, to replicate

Completed work. 

Design and print.

Front replacement

of machine.

Aluminum sheet.


Restoration of
an automotive air filter

Original part condition

Ship's log clock.


Replica of the original design.

 Rusty clock base

 Restored piece. Replica print. 

Condition of the clock base, which the client brought us to restore. Photograph of the base plate to be printed, before the recovery and polishing procedure.
Magnified zoom of the screen printing made. The design was made new
Cronômetro marítimo Binnacle, já restaurado
Profile view of said marine clock

In this particular case, the client did all the sanding work and brought us the piece in the conditions to make the impression.

We recreate the original design.

We restore

some parts

and we design

from beginning, 

whatis about

to disappear

for him pass

of the time.



of an


air filter