Our first printed works:

This is ours


Materials we can print: 



•Aluminium •Sheet •Plastic corrugated •Chapadur •Wood, •Glass •Sintra •Polypropylene •Formica •Steel •Pet •Acrylic •Eva rubber •Tile •Leather •Polyester •Fibrofacil • Ceramic •Cork •Pvc •Polycarbonate •Brass •Pai • Iron •Foamed PVC •Particle board •Leather • Stainless steel •Melamine •Fibrofacil • Enameled sheets •Copper •Polystyrene •Cardboard •Mdf •Bronze •Brass •Crystals.



And all kinds of material,

in any thickness, width or height.

Silkscreen on paper, made in 1968 for the paint company Alba and its product "Albalátex". Printed by Marcial Serigrafia.

A classic poster

screen printed

for the company Alba, 

and its product Albalatex. 

These posters were

Printed in 11 colors.

Distinctive printed in high impact and die-cut, printed in 1 color in serigraphy. It was for the Ladies Open Golf Championship held in 1986 and sponsored by the defunct airline "Eastern Air Lines". Printed by Marcial Serigrafía.

 Badge made in

plastic (these did last) to

Eastern Airlines Airlines

"The Wings of America".

 It was for him

open championship

Golf for Ladies.

Hotty's fast food house decal from 1975. It was one of the pioneers of fast food in Argentina with its classic sealed sandwiches.

Decals of a

of companies

fast food pioneers

in Argentina.


Hotty's and its classics

sealed sandwiches.

Trigoflor noodles, product of the company Molinos Río de la Plata. Decal made in 1977

Decals of

Trigoflor noodles brand .


This was a product of

the Molinos Río de la Plata

Cardboard poster of Instantix Cake, from the company Molinos Río de la Plata that advertised that it was "The tallest cake in the world" Printed by Marcial Serigrafía in 1976

Sponge cake



They were posters

printed in 8 colors

on cardboard.

Advertising poster printed on poster paper for Wanora brand weaving machines, promoting, as seen in the poster, the 1st first exhibition of Tricot in Argentina, which was held in 1974
Plastic card that accompanied Movicom Argentina cell phones. This work was carried out in the year 1990
Poster printed by Marcial Seigrafía for the John Deere tractor factory. Poster made on cardboard and printed in 1967
Decal made for the Movicom cell phone company to adhere to car windows. This was done in the year 1990
Poster of the Ombú de Grafa brand work clothes, made in 1968. This poster was made on cardboard and printed in 12 colors

Tractor factory

John Deere


cardboard posters

that were printed

to 7 colors.

1st exposure

of knitting in Argentina.


of the machines

weaving Wanora. 


printed posters

to 5 colors.

Plastic card

printed in 2/2 colors

+ laminated.  


The card accompanied

mobile teams

of cell phones


Decal for the windows

of automobiles. 


the ones that were

equipped with telephony

Movicom cell phone .

Ombú work clothes .

tremendous work

design and cut

to make the arrays.


it was a poster

printed in 12 colors

for the brand Grafa.

About us,
our beginnings

In early June 1967,

we started as a serigraphic workshop

and we started the path of learning

what screen printing could do.

Already past 55 years

we have to say that even today we are still learning,

than to think that there is nothing left to discover

it means that you are not prepared for the new.


The new in the old and the old in the new,

it is our way of learning even knowing something.

Year 1968

Year 1986

Year 1975

Year 1977

Year 1976

Year 1967

Year 1974

Year 1990

Year 1991/92

Years 1969

Marcial screen printing

since 1967

Screen printing. 

Up to 3.00 mt. x 1.60 meters.

On ALL types of material. 
And in ANY thickness or height.