Backlight screen printing on PET material of the brand (Cerveza Santa Fe) printed in 4-color screen printing Photochrome
Silkscreen printing on acrylic by Farmacity - Bayer made in 4 CMYK quarichromatic colors + Sectorized White.
Backlight silkscreen printing on PET of the Fernet Branca brand made in 4 quadrichromatic colors + white background suitable for transilluminating and molding (Thermoforming).
Backlight screen printing on Translucent Acrylic of the "L&M" cigarettes printed in 4-color CMYK screen printing suitable for transillumination.
Acrylic silkscreen of "Center Play"
Backlight printing on high impact pai of "Budweiser Beer" made in 4 four-color process colors to transilluminate
Backlight screen printing on high impact translucent material of "Philip Morris" cigarettes made in four colors.
acrylic plate printed in 4 colors, made with translucent colors, and also Blackout colors such as the aluminum color made on this plate, which was for the Parliament brand
Screen printing on Pet material of the Bayer Bayaspirin brand printed in 4 colors
Backlight printing (suitable for transilluminating) and also suitable for thermoforming on crystal acrylic of the cell phone brand "Claro", printed in 1 color + White background.
Backlight screen printing on Translucent High Impact (pai) by Budweiser - FIFA World Cup 2002 Korea Japan printed in 4 colors CMYK
Screen printing on high impact translucent pai, backlight printing in 4 colors + 1 special color and suitable for thermoforming (thermoforming x heat) of the drink "Pronto"
High impact screen printing (pai), backlight printing of the Mineral Water brand "Villavicencio"
Print on PET material. Brand: Fernet Branca. Screen printing 4 colors of CMYK process + white background suitable for molding.
Material: PET. Brand: Santa Fe Beer.  Printing: 4-color Photochrome silkscreen.
Material: Crystal Acrylic.
Brand: Bayer - Farmacity.
Printing: 4 CMYK colors + White sectorized.
Crystal acrylic printed under glass of the brand: Center Play. Printed in 6 colors + white background.
Backlight serigraphy on translucent polystyrene.
From the Philip Morris brand. CMYK process.
Silkscreen on polystyrene, backlight.
Villavicencio Mineral Water printed in 4 CMYK colors
Material: Polystyrene translucent white. Brand: Budweiser - FIFA World Cup 2002 Korea Japan. Printing: CMYK in screen printing.
Transparent Acrylic. Brand: Schneider Beer. The color blue and red are colors that were printed to be translucent, and the aluminum color blocks the passage of light.
Printing on translucent polystyrene of Budweiser Beer.
Made in 4 four-color colors to transilluminate
Material: PET.
Brand: Bayaspirina from Bayer Laboratories.
Printing: Four-color printing under glass + white background.
Backlight printing in 4 colors + 1 special color.
For the brand: Pronto / Pronto Shake.
Printing on Acrylic of the brand: Parliament.
Colors: Translucent blue, white, black and blackout aluminum
Material: Crystal Acrylic. Brand: Claro Cell Phone.
Printing: 1 color + white. Inks suitable for molding.
Material: Translucent white acrylic. Brand: L&M Cigarettes.
Printing: 4 colors CMYK suitable for transilluminating.

Works printed on PET and acrylic,

to be used WITHOUT backlight

Tabcin silkscreen printed with four colors + white background under glass
Material: PET.
Brand: Tabcin from Bayer.
Printing: Four-color (CMYK) + white background.
Backlight Printing
Polycarbonate Printing.

Polycarbonate film transparent and frosted.

Templates the company ManPower. 
Printed in various colors
and also die-cut.
Fronts for air equipment.
Backlight Printing Blackout, 
in the same sheet.
glass printing 1 color
glass panel printing
polycarbonate printing for ManPower
polycarbonate printing for the company Manpower
polycarbonate transparency, image enlargement
transparent polycarbonate for an air conditioning unit made of polycarbonate
backlight and blackout polycarbonate printing
Printing acrylic the Claro Brand
printing on acrylic for the Schneider beer brand. Translucent colors and light-blocking colors
enlarged view of printed acrylic thickness

 We print on: 

• Crystal and translucent acrylic, in any thickness.
• Laminated glass, double glass and tempered glass.
• Crystal polycarbonate and frosted polycarbonate.
• Translucent polystyrene for backlights.
• Recycled Pet and Virgin Pet.
• And other transparent and/or translucent materials.

Print on Glass.

decorative printing on double, tempered or laminated glass.

Printing of

Glass, Acrylics,

and Transparent and Translucent Materials.

Backlights on transparent acrylic/crystal/clear.


In transparent acrylic or glass, the impression is made in a mirror so that the transparency and shine of the acrylic is visually visible. In this case, you must always make a full white print at the end, to give a base to the already printed design and which also serves to regulate the amount of light you want to filter when it is lit (behind the acrylic) the lightning.

Backlight printing on

translucent polystyrene (pai).

The translucent polystyrene directly prints the desired design without having to apply a final white finish. This material is specially prepared to be used as a backlight.

Backlight printing on PET.

Backlight printing on Translucent acrylic white.

glass printing, screen printing on glass
silkscreen printing on glass, printing the entire contour (perimeter) of the glass, with black printing.
We print any color required by the design you need to specify, and we can also carry out the formulation of special colors to achieve the necessary finish. Consult us.
glass print in red color

Higher intensity colors for backlight prints

Clear glass print with black line design. Glass measurement: fifty-two centimeters long, fifteen centimeters wide.
Black printed glass panel. Printing made called mirror, where the print is protected by glass, since it is printed upside down. The transparency of the glass faces the front and is the accessible and visible part.
Printing on glass allowing transparency to be seen. Work printed in black.
Front view of the printed glass plate.
White acrylic printed in three colors. Printed almanac calendar for Paolini Acrylics.
White Acrylic Printing in 3 colors. Paolini Acrylics almanac calendar made with white acrylic of the same brand, Argentine national industry.