1 color printing on
Containers, jars, mini bottles, containers, glasses, cups.
Silkscreen on glass. Printing on glass bottle in 1 color. circular serigraphy
cylindrical screen printing on stainless steel bottle
Print in
 steel stainless 
glass frosted printing

Cylindrical, Round,

Circular impression.

silkscreen printing on stainless steel thermos
One Color Printed Frosted Glass Tumbler

Examples of thermal bottles

printed in 1 color. Screen printing

silkscreen printing on thermal bottles in 1 color
Printing on stainless steel bottle with 1 color silkscreen
Printing of containers, glasses, bottles, cups, jars, jugs, pots, round containers, buckets, drums

We make




in 1 color

gold color printing on green glass bottle
clear glass bottle printing with gold color.
QR code printing on glass bottle. QR code printed in gold, verifying that the reading of said code is done efficiently.
Crystal glass container printed in burgundy red color
Tinplate container printing. QR code printed in burgundy burgundy color on tin metal.
Glass. Cylindrical impression on the crystal glass container. Printed white.
Tin container with 1-color blue printing. QR code printed on metal packaging.
Glass jar printed in 1 color. Bottle with white QR code printing.
Tin bottle printed in 1 color.
printing on a glass container jar ten centimeters in diameter. Cylindrical circular printing on glass containers.
Printing on plastic packaging. Printing QR codes on a bottle or plastic container.
transparent QR printing on round glass container.
White print on transparent glass container with printed QR code.
QR printing on bottle

Print tests.

Tests carried out with QR codes printed in different colors to corroborate the correct reading of the code.
They were made in transparent glass containers, as well as in colored containers.

In glass containers

In tin and plastic containers

Frosted Tumbler Print
small glass bottle printing
Test printing QR codes in blue, white and gold directly on glass. QR Code printing test for correct reading/scanning.
Glass container containers with printing in white and other colors.