Screen printing since 1967.

On ALL types of material and in

ANY thickness or height.

Up to 3 mt. x 1.60 meters.

Bottles, containers, glasses

Silkscreen on glass. Printing on glass bottle in 1 color. circular serigraphy
1 white color impression on a glass container. Screen printing on glass in 1 color.

 Serigraphic printing on glass containers.

round screen printing

Glass bottles

small printed

in 1 color



on the Glass


in 1 color

cylindrical screen printing on stainless steel bottle
Circular print on polished steel thermos

Print in

 Steel stainless  


Frosted glass

cup printing

Cylindrical printing,



We do 1 color

silkscreen printing.

silkscreen printing on stainless steel thermos
One Color Printed Frosted Glass Tumbler

Examples of thermal bottles

printed in 1 color. Screen printing


Screen printing

of cup on

glass frosted

printed in 1 color


silkscreen printing on thermal bottles in 1 color
Printing on stainless steel bottle with 1 color silkscreen
Printing of containers, glasses, bottles, cups, jars, jugs, pots, round containers, buckets, drums

We do

1 color


screen printing.