Screen printing on enameled plate for the "Mobil Super" Lubricants brand, printed in 2 colors + sectorized white base that served as "support" for the red and blue colors in order to keep the colors bright. This is what is done when working with dark-based materials and you want the printed colors to respect a tone already preset by the factory.
Screen printing on brass, and its classic gold color. Printed in five colors for the Municipality of La Matanza.

Aluminum and Metals

Screen printing

in Brass. To 5 colors. 

Municipio de la Matanza

1-color silkscreen printing on enameled plate for the LHC Amps amplifier factory. Printed by Marcial Serigrafía, material provided by the client.
Enamelled metal plate printed in 1 color for LHC Amps, guitar amplifiers
Screen printing on baked sheet printed in 1 color for Lhc amps. Printed in our workshop.
Screen print on metal printed in 1 color for the amplifier manufacturer LHC Amps and printed in our workshop.
Print of
Chromed, niquel-plated.
Zoom of the silk-screen printing made on enameled plate for "Mobil Super Lubricants" printed in 2 colors + sectorized white base.
Enlarged image of the impression made on brass
Close-up zoom on a chrome metal print provided by the client
Printing on chrome metal chassis. Printing made in one color in silkscreen. Depth, chassis height: 18 centimeters.
Cabinet. Metal module printed in one color on nickel plating
Impresión de metales ferrosos o no. Serigrafía, estampado, grabado. Aluminio, acero, chapa, cobre, latón, cobre, alpaca
printing on metal cell phone holder
double-sided print on shaped cell phone holder
QR code printing on metal
Zoom image enlargement of the print made on painted sheet metal provided by the client where this work was carried out where both sides of the cell phone support needed to be printed. Made by Marcial serigrafía
Zoom of a QR Code print made in screen printing on metal

Metal base w/ fold.

Logo printing with info.

+ QR code printing.

enameled plate printing - Cima-Vale 4
Zoom magnification of screen printing on enameled plate of the Cima brand for the company Vale 4
Silkscreen printed on enameled plate provided by the client Vale 4 for the Cima brand.
Printing of enameled iron sheet


Sample of works printed in silkscreen in our workshop on enamelled plates / oven-painted plates

Metal printing for the Mobil Super Lubricants brand printed in 2 colors + sectorized white base.
Iron metal print
Folded metal printing for, CIMA brand for Vale 4, printed in 1 color + base to achieve the tone chosen by the client.
0.5 mm thick aluminum. 2 color aluminum printing
Prints on Brass  
Metallic structure of the Vital Can brand printed in 2 colors on its 4 sides, material provided by the client Grupo Disegno
Examples of prints made on chassis chromed, nickel-plated, where the chassis / cabinet is about 18 cm high/depth.
Printing on sheet metal for the Vital Can brand. Cabinet/platform, assembled with 4 oven-painted insertable plates and then printed on each of its 4 sides in 2 colors
Print of enameled plated provided by client. Guitar Amplifiers LHC Vintage.

impressions on chromed, nickel-plated chassis, etc.

In this image you can see that we are arranging the cabinets, the already printed metal chassis that are one meter and eighty centimeters long. These badges were printed in one color.
One meter eighty long sheet metal impression. Badge printed in 1 color.
Photographic enlargement of the impression made on the chassis. Measurement of the metal structure: One meter eighty long, 10 centimeters wide, and 7 centimeters high, or depth. It was screen printed in 1 color direct on the sheet.
Large prints on metal
Sample of Metal structure (chassis) printed in 1 color. Cabinet measurement: 1.80 m. long, 10 cm wide and 8 cm high.
Aluminum printing 0.5mm thick 2 colors
Enlargement aluminum 1 mm thick printed in 2 colors
Aluminum printing in 2mm thickness cut and drilled.
Print on metal in 2 colors
Aluminum with a thickness of 2 millimeters, printed in 3 colors. This work on aluminum was previously cut and cut with a router, completely polished and then printed.
1 millimeter thick aluminum. Enlarged image to see the print made in our workshop, done in 2 colors

 • Example of a printing 1.80 meters long 

Printing on aluminum sheets in any thickness.

Direct printing on polished metals.

Close-up zoom of the aluminum print made in our silk-screen printing workshop
Enlargement of the image on the screen printing made on the aluminum plate
0.5 millimeter thick aluminum sheet, with 1-color printing. For the Cabinas Petre factory
silk-screen printed aluminum. Cabinas Petre
2-color aluminum printing, plus two perforations on the sheet. Work done for Pulverizers Pulqui.
Two-color printed aluminum
Printing of metal structures

Metal printing